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Anger Issues in Children

Posted August 30, 2021

No one likes to feel angry, and we all experience the emotion from time to time. But when a child is struggling with anger, it can be especially tough. Some children grow frustrated quickly and are more likely to lash out when they don’t understand their feelings and cannot verbalize them. When children continue to have regular outbursts, it’s often a symptom of distress. Possible underlying causes include ADHD, anxiety, trauma, neglect, learning problems, sensory processing issues, and autism. Understanding which triggers set off a child’s outbursts is the first step in managing the anger. Also, consistent parenting is critical. A parent or caregiver’s response to their child’s anger affects the likelihood of the behavior happening again.

If you have a teenager or child who is angry, aggressive or even violent, it can be an extremely worrying time as a parent and not always clear how to get help. Plains Area Mental Health welcomes people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Our professionals collaborate with clients to create a plan which addresses specific needs and goals. A caring approach integrating evidence-based practices is designed to address life’s struggles effectively in a way that is also uniquely tailored to you and your family. Plains Area Mental Health takes pride in treating the whole person by assessing both mental health conditions as well as substance use disorder conditions. Call one of our offices today or take our free online assessment found on this website.

P.S. Teaching an angry child specific anger management techniques such as deep breathing, counting to ten, or going for a quick walk are extremely effective ways of dealing with anger.

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