Outpatient Psychiatric

Applying for Services

In order to access our services, you must first apply to be a client of Plains Area Mental Health Center. Please visit our New Clients page for more information. Once you have been established as a client, you can then make an appointment. Please bring a list of your current medications when you see your prescriber for the first time.

New Clients: Next Steps

Available Services

Psychiatric Evaluations and Diagnosis

This includes assessments to determine the benefits and types of medication therapy that could be used to help a client cope with a mental health problem.

Medication Management

If medication therapy is part of a treatment plan, our professionals are capable of prescribing, monitoring, and adjusting psychotropic medication to maximize treatment benefits and to help prevent or reduce adverse side effects.

Who Benefits

Clients of all ages diagnosed with a mental health problem that can be helped by prescription medication can benefit from this service. Conditions can include depression, anxiety disorders, attention-deficit disorder, trauma, personality disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other behavioral health conditions.

Just In Time Scheduling

To schedule follow-up appointments with your medication prescriber after your first evaluation, your prescriber will tell you when you are due to come back for a refill checkup appointment and instead of scheduling the next appointment that day you will wait and call the office to schedule the appointment 1 to 2 weeks before you are due for medication refills.

To help you get your appointment scheduled, you will also receive a reminder text message, email, or automated call stating that you are due to see your medication prescriber. When you receive this message contact your office to schedule the appointment. Please be sure we have your current contact information.

Important Information on Medication Refills

In order to get your medication refills, you will need to be seen by your prescriber. If you miss your appointment you will need to reschedule an appointment as soon as possible. Medications may not be refilled outside of appointments.

If you utilize virtual telehealth to home appointments the following policy applies:

  • The first time you are unable to connect for your virtual medication management telehealth to home visit you will be required to have your next visit in an office location. At that visit, you may work with staff to review and do a practice call and if successful you may schedule future appointments as virtual.
  • The second time you miss a virtual medication management telehealth to home visit due to connection issues you will be required to present to an office location for all future appointments.
  • Additionally, if staff cannot reach you to confirm that you have your virtual appointment login information, your appointment will be canceled, and you will need to be seen in an office location.

Printable Services Brochure

Open Access

New to Plains Area Mental Health Center? Our Open Access locations allow first-time clients and clients not seen in 90 days to visit us without an appointment. Get started on your mental health journey.

Open Access Locations