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Attachment Anxiety and Relationships

Posted April 12, 2021

We’ve all heard words like “clingy” and “needy” used to describe people, but for some it is a serious mental issue and not just a worrisome personality trait. Individuals with attachment anxiety are often dealing with some form of childhood trauma, possibly the death of or abandonment (physical or emotional) by a loved one, that they have not properly processed. This can result in overreactions to rejection, the constant need for support from others, feelings of insecurity in relationships, smothering behaviors in relationships, and the willingness to remain in relationships that are negative or harmful. Without some form of therapeutic treatment, people with attachment anxiety will likely suffer from extremely low self-esteem and have difficulty forming healthy relationships.

The best therapeutic technique for adult attachment issues depends on the individual and the professional opinion of the therapist. As therapy progresses, the patient learns that relationships can be stable through the developing relationship with their therapist. The patient begins to trust the therapist, and as the trust builds, the relationship becomes beneficial.  Plains Area Mental Health offers caring, experienced counseling services, medication management and support to help our clients live full, productive lives.  Call one of our offices today or take our free online assessment on this website.

P.S. Attachment anxiety often goes hand-in-hand with other types of anxiety such as social anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder.

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