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Feeling Anxious?

Posted April 8, 2020

Anxiety disorders are the most frequently occurring mental health problems among the general population.  Especially now.  While anxiety is a natural reaction to stress, it can become excessive to the point of disrupting a person’s life. If so, behavioral therapy may be an effective form of treatment. It is based on the belief that, by changing their approach to a given situation, patients can begin effecting a change in how they react to it. This approach involves progressively introducing patients to situations that provoke anxiety in an effort to have them tackle their fears progressively. As patients learn to control their anxiety, they gain self-confidence and achieve mastery over their situations. In this way, many phobic patients experience long-term recovery.

Some simple things you can do …

  • Stay Active – exercise, use online videos, yoga, take a walk, play games            
  • Reach out and call friends, relatives or an elderly neighbor
  • Limit Social Media and television news
  • Eat balanced meals, drink plenty of fluids

If anxiety is affecting your life, it’s time that you called our office.  We understand the pervasive nature of an anxiety disorder and our compassionate counselors will work with you to help you be healthy again. We provide proven techniques that can help you feel better. In addition to anxiety, we can provide relief for depression and stress. You deserve the help. If you would like to schedule a virtual appointment or if you have any questions, please contact one of our offices.

P.S. Recent surveys suggest that as many as one in five Americans experience anxiety disorders.

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Plains Area Mental Health is a non-profit community mental health center with offices in, Cherokee, Carroll, Denison, Emmetsburg, Ida Grove, Le Mars, Spirit Lake and Storm Lake.  For more information visit our website at www.plainsareamentalhealth.org.

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