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When Childish Behaviors Become Adult Problems

Posted June 21, 2021

Bullying is most often thought of as a playground problem or a high school issue, but the reality is that, while the form may change, the behavior can continue on into adulthood. Workplace bullying is common in many different professions, and the more competitive the field, the worse the bullying can be, creating stress and anxiety disorders in those targeted. Feelings of isolation and depression can progress into generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, social anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. While changing jobs is certainly one course of action, doing so is not always possible or preferable. Mental health professionals can offer coping mechanisms that can limit the anxiety caused by office bullies.

Many employees have either been witness to or the target of workplace bullying. Employers need to do more to provide education and awareness to the employees as well as define a process to handle bullying in an prompt manner. By committing to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all, employers can commit to taking swift action to prevent bullying from entering the workplace. Plains Area Mental Health takes pride in treating the whole person by assessing both mental health conditions as well as substance use disorder conditions. Call one of our offices today or take our free online assessment found on this website.

P.S. The effects of workplace bullying can stretch into every area of a person’s life, creating stress in relationships at home as well as at the office.

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